Tax Litigation Support

Tax Litigation Support

It is in your interests to resolve tax and VAT disputes, through negotiation with HM Revenue and Customs. Despite this, there are times when litigation becomes inevitable. In these situations, expert advice from tax professionals is critical.

Not seeking expert advice from a company like Edelle can leave you at risk during litigation proceedings which could lead to additional charges and fees being forced upon your business due to your lack of understanding of the process.

However, if you hire a tax litigation specialist for support during the process you will often find that not only will you save money you will also have to invest less time into court proceedings as they will usually do all the heavy lifting for you.

Why Choose Edelle For Your Tax Litigation Support

The team here at Edelle Chartered Accountants Hub are experienced in delivering tax litigation support, designed to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your business.

In some situations, our tax expertise and advice can help to avert the need for future proceedings by achieving agreement between you and HMRC. Where matters do proceed to a tax tribunal or court, we will use our expertise to help you and your legal adviser present a robust case, providing supporting documentary evidence and acting for you as an expert witness.

Not only do we offer this support before and during the case Edelle will also assist you with:

- We will represent taxpayers when there are disputes with tax authorities before administrative courts

- We have the interest of the taxpayer in mind and with that, the defending of them

- We will handle the process of getting legally binding tax rulings that have been issued by the Minister of Finance or during the proceedings of tax overpayment refunds.

- We will work to reduce/mitigate the risk of penal and fiscal penal responsibility of you or your staff that would usually conduct any economic affairs (typically the finance director).

- We will offer support and training around all known recent issues with tax law and fiscal penal law to help prevent future issues.

We take the stress and time investment out of your tax litigation cases, letting you focus more on running your business and being stress free. Whilst you work on your day to day business proceedings we will work hard on your legal case ensuring you have the best defense possible and will prepare for being your expert witness during the court proceedings.

Should you have any questions at all during the process we are more than happy to answer your emails or phone calls to explain each aspect of the case and also to answer any concerns or questions you may have.

Get In Touch To Discuss How Edelle Can Help With Your Tax Litigation

Stop wasting time and get building a solid case for your defense. Get in touch either by giving us a call or getting touch online to discuss how Edelle can help with your tax litigation proceedings.