Payroll Services

Payroll Services

When it comes to paying your staff it's not as simple as it may sound... You've got to ensure compliance with real-time information (RTI), you've got to manage the calculations and submission of PAYE information and worse yet complicated CIS payments.

It's because of reasons like this why more and more companies are starting to use external payroll services because it's simply not worth the added stress. Why waste hours each month (possibly days depending on how many employees you have!) figuring out how to ensure compliance, what information needs submitting and what CIS payments need to be made.

It's simple... There is no reason! Especially when there's many accountants out there offering expert payroll services. It's one of the many services the experts here at Edelle have on offer as we strive to free up time for our customers so they can focus on the things that really matter in their business.

The Benefits of Using Edelle's Payroll Services

So we've touched on this a little earlier on, the biggest reasons for companies like yours switching to external payroll services is down to the fact it's so very complicated. No one wants to waste their precious time scratching their heads figuring out the different systems and regulations that need to be complied with.

But that's not the only reason we hear from businesses for switching to Edelle's Payroll Services, we've heard things such as people forgetting to pay staff on the day they should've been paid! Not only can it lead to staff motivation dropping and potential legal action but it's also extremely embarrassing.

You may be thinking to yourself, how can someone forget to pay their staff? But unfortunately it's quite common (and I dare say you've been in a similar situation) for people to have so much work to get sorted with deadlines looming, staff waiting on items from you and clients expecting emails and phone calls back. It's when this happens that payroll gets forgotten completely by mistake but unfortunately it can be quite a costly mistake.

Edelle's Payroll Services lets you take a breather from the head scratching and let's you focus on hitting those looming deadlines, sales targets and communicating with clients. Whilst you're busy running your business you can leave the company payroll to our payroll experts as we offer a reliable and efficient service that saves you time, money and resources.

We will liaise with third party agencies where required such as HMRC, pension providers and local authorities to save you the headache each and every month. Better still we ensure all of our payroll services are above board and comply with regulations, so you can rest easy knowing that your payroll is taken care of.

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