HM Revenue & Customs Enquiries

HM Revenue & Customs Enquiries

Any tax return can result in a HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) enquiry. It could involve a personal tax matter or, for a business, questions about a specific item of expenditure, income or a broader issue, such as PAYE or national insurance - for example whether workers are employed or self-employed.

The enquiry may arise because you have been chosen at random for review, as part of HMRC's checking of procedures or it may be an ‘aspect enquiry’, where HMRC wants to double-check the information you have already provided as it seems to be a little 'off' or potentially manipulated on purpose.

There are occasions where it may be a full enquiry, requiring you to answer more extensive questions and provide business records which is extremely stressful. Resolving a dispute with HMRC can be time-consuming and cause significant disruption to your small business and your personal life.

How to avoid a HM Revenue & Customs Enquiries?

Although you can randomly be selected by pure chance for an enquiry, it's very rare that this will happen to your business. Which means the only time you need to worry about enquiries is when HMRC suspect something wrong with your financial records that you submitted.

The easy way to avoid raising potential suspicion is to be 100% confident that your finances are correct and in an orderly fashion, which comes down to your bookkeeping and accountant. Do you currently do this yourself? Or do you have an employee who does this?

How much experience does your selected accountant and bookkeeper have? We would always recommend choosing a very experienced accounting business to handle both your accounts and your bookkeeping, or at minimum have someone in the business with at least 5 years experience. This will give you the peace of mind that your finances are above board and should never be submitted for checking.

How can Edelle help you with your enquiries?

Edelle Chartered Accountants and our specialists at sister firm Taxation Investigation, give you access to practical, expert help and advice. We will support you throughout the process of your HMRC investigation all the way through to resolution.

Our experience means that we understand the complexities of the UK tax regime and compliance issues. We also understand the way that HMRC works and the processes and procedures it follows in dealing with enquiries or disputes.

We'll provide constructive advice and liaise with HMRC inspectors on your behalf, to bring the investigation to a satisfactory conclusion, negotiating any settlement to help minimise HMRC claims for any tax and penalties.

Leave HMRC enquiries in our capable hands and you can carry on doing what you do best – running your small business.

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