Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accounting

Unfortunately it's an ever growing trend in business and society where we live in a world that people try and sue for anything. We've all seen the "have you suffered an injury at work" or we've heard the "where there's a blame there's a claim".

With that in mind if your business hasn't got the correct health and safety procedures in place it makes accidents and potential lawsuits ever more possible. However, this territory is not only restricted to injury claims... There's insurance claims, professional negligence or commercial dispute.

Once one of these legal cases get's opened against you there are plenty of investigations into the company finances to see what you could pay out, what negligence has occurred, if it's an actual insurance case or potentially a false claim. The mass of financial information involved may create, what seems to be, an impenetrable maze and that's why most people require expert advice.

Why Is A Forensic Accountant Needed?

When it comes to forensic accounting it's a term most never know until they need to, and in most cases thankfully most people never have to run into the term. However, in the event that you need a forensic accountant you already know why.

It's because you've been requested to submit legal documents for your court case in order to defend/support your claims against the prosecutor, and finding the exact things that are going to win your case can be tricky. Especially when you've got a thousand other things to focus on and 0 experience in the field!

That's where hiring a forensic accountant comes in handy (and is pretty much essential) as they've dealt with cases like this before and are ready to help win your case for you.

Should You Use Edelle For Your Forensic Accounting?

Edelle Chartered Accountants Hub offer a forensic accounting services with years of experience behind them in a variety of different legal battles.

The Edelle Chartered Accountants Hub team will use accountancy and investigative skills to examine the issues involved, looking beyond the numbers to establish the reality of the situation. Then we'll provide you with a clear, concise analysis which is suitable for presentation in court.

Whether the issue is a commercial dispute or an insurance, personal injury or professional negligence claim, we can help. If your business needs specialist forensic accounting expertise, choosing Edelle for your forensic accounting is probably one of the best choices. Especially since you can add it on to your usual accounting services in the event that you do need to utilise the service.

It's also extremely affordable as we're efficient and fast with our investigations as we've done it hundreds of times before.

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What are you waiting for? The court date is ticking ever closer and you still need to submit your legal documents of support for your claims, get in touch online or give us a call to discuss how we can help resolve your case and return your business back to it's normal day to day proceedings.