Company Formation

Company Formation

The legal structure you choose for your business will define your legal responsibilities including: The taxes you will have to pay, how you can take any profit from your business and your personal responsibilities for any losses.

This is why it's growing ever more important year by year to get the correct formation for your business as regulations and scrutiny gets tighter on tighter on businesses of all sizes.

Unfortunately failing to comply to the rules and regulations of your chosen business formation can lead to investigations and hefty fines of which none of us ever want to receive.

Even further to this, a lot of companies don't realise all the paperwork and financial information that will need to be submitted at the end of each tax year once their business has been formed. Talk to one of our experts if you're unsure of what you'll need to do once your business is formed to avoid sudden charges or document requests that you've no idea what to do with!

How can Edelle help you with your Company Formation?

At Edelle Chartered Accountants Hub we can provide tailored advice and support when choosing your legal structure.

UK companies are created by registration at Companies House. Once registered, Companies House provides a certificate of incorporation as proof that the company exists and has been formed in accordance with Companies House regulations.

The cost of our company formation service, which is normally completed within three days, is a one-off fee of £100 plus VAT, based on up to two directors and two shareholders holding ordinary share capital in England & Wales.

The service includes: formation of your own limited company and registration at Companies House certificate of incorporation first board meeting minutes memorandum and articles of association share certificates

Once you're a registered business you're going to have a lot of responsibilities to carry out each year that you've maybe not yet thought of. Such as monthly and yearly accounts, payroll and PAYE, tax returns and much much more.

All of this can be very daunting for anyone who's just started their business, and it's because of this why we offer services that cover every aspect possible regarding your business and it's finances. Make sure to check out our other services or better yet give us a call to see how we can help you once we've got your business formation all setup and ready to go.

Get in touch to talk about your company formation

It can be quite tricky to pick the right formation and also even worse when you pick the wrong one only to find out just before the end of the tax year. This can lead to you not being able to take profits, paying incorrect taxes and because of this receiving fines and warnings.

Make sure you avoid all of this by talking to one of our business formation experts here at Edelle, give us a call or contact us online and get your business formation handled by the experts to ensure it fits your expectations of your business.