Auto enrolment and workplace pensions

Auto Enrollment and Workplace Pensions

Since 2018 all employers must enroll their employees who are eligible in a workplace pension. If you've been there years or have just joined you both get the equal opportunity.

With this comes the hassle of finding a pension provider and then completing the paperwork to setup the pensions to ensure your workplace is complaint can become an ever growing pain. All this additional legal information can be quite daunting for any business especially if you're a small business or start-up, and that's where Edelle comes in with our team of pension and enrollment experts.

What Is A Workplace Pension?

A workplace pension is a scheme setup in order to help save money for your future once you retire from work as an incentive to not only work but also a "reward" at the end of your working life. Legally if you're eligible your employer must enroll you in a pension scheme, and when they do that both yourself and your employer will need to start paying into your pension once you've been successfully enrolled.

You can alter your contribution to your pension and can also request for your employer to match your increase or just to increase it overall, however, they are under no legal obligation to accept your request for an increase as long as they are paying a minimum of 3% of your income. There is also a maximum saving of 3,600 GBP that can be deposited into all your pension schemes across any given tax year.

How Can Edelle Help With Your Pensions?

Edelle have a team of highly skilled and experienced pension and payroll experts, we take care of the compliance and legal work required to make your business legally complaint with the latest regulation.

That means we take away the headache so you can stay focused on growing your business. With growth comes new employees, with new employees comes new pensions but not to worry, Edelle will automatically enroll all eligible employees ensure you're complaint 365 days a year.

Not only will we take care of your pensions we will also provide ongoing support for your scheme, should a member of staff wish to know their pension balance or would like to increase/decrease their monthly pension contribution we will be more than happy to help.

Contact Us About Pensions and Auto Enrollment?

It's time to get rid of the lingering stress of sorting out pension compliance for your business, let our expert's take on the hard work as it's what we know best (and believe it or not, it's something we actually enjoy!). Whilst we ensure you're compliant with the new regulations, you sit back and relax and work on hitting those all important sales targets.

For more information on pension regulations and enrollment or to even get in touch with regards to our pension services either give us a call or get in touch online. Our team of pension experts are ready to answer your questions and concerns relating to pensions, eligibility and regulations.