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Beijing frees Canadians after Huawei CFO reaches deal with US prosecutors

Meng Wanzhou flies to China after resolving fraud charges while Spavor and Kovrig return to Canada 24-Sep-2021 16:29:56

Meng Wanzhou, Huawei’s chief financial officer who has been held in Vancouver for almost three years on criminal fraud...

Property law: can we ban a paparazzo who lurks on our street?

Plus, what does it mean when the lease on the flat I’m buying is ‘defective’? 25-Sep-2021 04:00:25

...and act in their best interests.Most lenders subscribe to the UK Finance Mortgage Lender’s Handbook which is relatively...

US is still grasping for a solution on how to insure against floods

True cost of a Federal programme has been less than fully transparent 25-Sep-2021 04:00:25

...financial system. Flood insurance underwriters have been trying to do that for decades. Yet flood finance is...

Half of UK parents plan to treat children unequally in their wills

Survey reveals lack of financial understanding between generations, with many offspring set for surprises 24-Sep-2021 23:01:24

Just over half of parents propose to split their wealth equally between their children when they die, with the rest...

Evergrande’s plight brings no joy to the man behind its big short

Andrew Left predicted the demise of the Chinese property group but is not celebrating its debt crunch 24-Sep-2021 23:00:24

In March 2012, Andrew Left, a short-seller based in the US, received a mysterious package with no return address. Inside...

Wall Street charts weekly gain while bond yields tick higher

Chinese property group Evergrande has loomed over global financial markets 24-Sep-2021 08:48:26

...of bitcoin fell 5 per cent in response as did the shares of scores of US-listed companies linked to digital finance such...

Top investors split on direction of ‘tempestuous’ China’s markets

Bulls like Ray Dalio and Howard Marks spar with more downbeat managers such as Kyle Bass 24-Sep-2021 20:00:24

China’s crackdown on foreign investors and domestic property speculation has prompted many international investors to...

Germany’s electoral oracle struggles to divine the post-Merkel future

Pinneberg has for decades sided with the party that claimed power but this year’s picture is unclear 24-Sep-2021 19:00:24

...Scholz, Germany’s finance minister, bears responsibility for several German financial scandals, she shrugged....

‘I feel human again’: migrants on Greek island transfer to EU-funded facility

With hot water and Wi-Fi, new centre on Samos offers improved conditions compared with the old camp 24-Sep-2021 19:00:24

...accountant who worked at the Syrian finance ministry before his house was destroyed in the civil war. “This was...

Olaf Scholz leads by whisker in last hours before German election

Final rallies by chancellor hopefuls eclipsed by crowds at climate protests as race to succeed Merkel tightens 24-Sep-2021 12:24:09

...their ratings.Scholz, the German finance minister and deputy chancellor, has by far the highest personal approval ratings...

Evergrande leaves China’s economy at a turning point

Transition away from reliance on real estate will need deft handling 24-Sep-2021 16:21:06

In 2007, China’s then premier Wen Jiabao called the economy “unstable, unbalanced, uncoordinated and unsustainable”. The...

China expands crackdown by declaring all crypto activities ‘illegal’

Country’s central bank seeks to stop residents trading on overseas exchanges 24-Sep-2021 10:58:07

China has expanded its crackdown on cryptocurrencies by declaring that all activities related to digital coins are...

Chinese conglomerate HNA says chief executive and chair arrested by police

Chen Feng and Adam Tan were the remaining co-founders of the beleaguered group 24-Sep-2021 13:27:11

Chinese police have detained the two remaining co-founders of HNA in the latest twist in the collapse of China’s...

GFG’s timetable slips for refinancing $5bn of Greensill debt

Cooling commodity markets threaten Sanjeev Gupta’s battle to preserve his sprawling metals conglomerate 24-Sep-2021 13:00:06

Sanjeev Gupta’s timetable for refinancing $5bn of borrowing from collapsed finance firm Greensill Capital has slipped...

UK’s green gilt success points to pricing dilemma for retail version

Government’s decision on interest rate will involve tricky trade-off between public purse and savers’ pockets 24-Sep-2021 11:44:40

...green bonds argue that symbolism is important to demonstrate the government’s commitment to making finance greener. The...

Chile loses haven status as inflation and populism deter investors

Borrowing costs at their highest level in more than seven years 24-Sep-2021 10:00:07

Felipe Larraín fondly remembers the moment when Chile’s status as an investment haven peaked. “I was finance minister...

Climate change is getting real for investors

Gas crisis and impact of simmering planet now having direct effect on asset allocation decisions 24-Sep-2021 09:21:26

..., in investment parlance, a macro risk. The finance industry’s fondness for a portmanteau means it already has a name...

Chinese booze baron jailed for life in latest warning to tycoons

The maker of Mao’s beloved ‘baijiu’ became enmeshed with Xi Jinping’s anti-graft crusade 24-Sep-2021 05:47:28

One of the world’s biggest booze barons, who steered the growth of a maker of Mao Zedong’s favourite firewater to...

Evergrande bondholders left in the dark as crucial deadline passes

Indebted Chinese property developer faces imminent default on $84m offshore coupon payment 24-Sep-2021 03:01:58

Investors in an Evergrande offshore bond say they have yet to receive a closely watched interest payment that was due on...

Bank stocks as bellwethers

And back to the ’50s, again 24-Sep-2021 05:30:06

...finance and economics.  If things are so good, why aren’t bank stocks doing better?Back in June, I was wondering why banks...

Sparks fly in last German debate before election

Potential coalition partners agree on Europe, but spar over China 24-Sep-2021 05:28:42

...German finance ministers and leaders of the European Institutions smooth things over with warm words, the EU is...

Hindu nationalists turn their sights on India’s corporate titans

Accusations that companies are undermining the state are unlikely to help attract much-needed investment 24-Sep-2021 04:00:07

...launch.Taxpayers, and the government, are rightly frustrated. Nirmala Sitharaman, finance minister, has twice...

A close-up view of Germany’s democratic puzzle

Working as an election observer, John Kampfner takes the temperature of a nation emerging from the Merkel era 24-Sep-2021 04:00:07

...best possible gloss on the fact that Scholz, as finance minister, worked hand-in-hand with Merkel, including overseeing...

Germany’s unusually unpredictable election

About 25% of voters haven’t decided heading to the poll this weekend 24-Sep-2021 04:00:07

...will end up running the finance ministry and that will mean some pretty orthodox conservative fiscal policy for Germany...

Is it time to avoid investing in China?

While economic growth remains strong, Beijing’s crackdown on private business bodes ill for portfolio investors 24-Sep-2021 04:00:07

The Chinese government’s crackdown on privately owned companies and entrepreneurs has captured the world’s attention and...

Rich People’s Problems: Should I slum it on a package holiday?

Snobbery about all-inclusive deals is misplaced, says James Max 24-Sep-2021 04:00:07

Utter the words “package” or “all-inclusive” in the context of a holiday and you might receive a withering look from...

US arrests finance chief of Russian natural gas group Novatek

Mark Gyetvay indicted on tax charges connected to $93m in offshore accounts 23-Sep-2021 23:15:56

The US has arrested one of the most influential executives in Russia’s natural gas industry over alleged tax misconduct...

Rishi Sunak set to tighten UK financial regulations after Greensill scandal

Chancellor orders two reviews following report by Treasury select committee 23-Sep-2021 23:01:06

...Whitehall by the Cameron government in 2012 — where he pushed “supply-chain finance”, a form of factoring.The Conservative...

Look to Japan for lessons on Evergrande

The fate of a regional bank in the 1990s shows what happens when the pillar of government support is removed 23-Sep-2021 16:27:57

...links them is a question that stalked Japan in 1997 and now hangs over Chinese finance: namely, what is the pillar of...

Deutsche Wohnen investor seeks injunction to block capital increase

Proposed deal to help seal €18bn Vonovia merger ‘unprecedented and legally questionable’, says US hedge fund 23-Sep-2021 16:01:40

...enlarged company, while finance director Philip Grosse would become the new chief financial officer.Deutsche...

The high-end retirement homes aimed at wealthy boomers

With gyms, spas and cocktails, a new type of housing promises a retirement with a difference — but at a cost 23-Sep-2021 15:53:53

Stephanie Hoppen never thought she would end up in a home designed for people aged over 60. Happily living in a four...

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